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Good baby travel systems would normally comprise of a stroller and a car seat. Obtaining the best baby strollers, with or without a car seat, that would fit your need is sometimes very challenging to most parents because there are so many factor to consider before making a selection. Baby Strollers and Car Seats have been designed to fit a variety of situations,lifestyles, occasions and tastes. Below, you will see the Best Baby strollers Reviews, comparison charts, and recommendations of different types of baby travel systems.

baby strollerThere are so many strollers in the market that it can sometimes be overwhelming to make a good selection that would meet your needs or desires. In order to reduce your shopping time, you would have to know what you are looking for, either by reading baby travel system reviews about them, or you might have had some recommendation from someone. That is where I come in, to make it easier for you to select from of the best baby travel systems.

You should have an idea of what type of baby stroller system you baby stroller systemneed

As a mother of five who has used, and come across, different kinds of baby travel systems, and know what a good baby travel system should look like, I have first hand knowledge of what parents go through when tying to get a good stroller or car seat, or a good baby travel system, especially first time parents. I want to help you to reduce the amount of time you would normally take to select a stroller so that you can take care of other pressing things.

What I have done on this website is to provide parents with very useful information about what they can use to determine if a particular stroller is a good fit and what they should actually be looking for in a stroller,baby travel systems or a car seat, is base on certain factors.

Before buying any of the baby travel systems, the first thing that should be on your mind should be your child’s safety. You should look at the safety features of every device or gadget that you buy for your child. Other thing to know about when it come to a stroller system are the wheels and handles, convenience, weight,size, types of strollers and stroller systems, age appropriate strollers and car seats.

The table below provides a brief review and description of the top rated and recommended baby stroller systems and related products, that way you can see for yourself the different options of a bay travel system available. You can get detailed reviews on each product after each brief description as they are being updated daily.

So Let’s discuss features of quality and selected baby stroller systems and See how Model description can determine your choice. We also will provide few good recommendations depending on your need

Baby Stroller systems and bay stroller Comparison Chart beginning with our Featured product

Top Rated Baby Stroller Systems

Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller, Spark

Britax B-Ready Stroller 2012, Red

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat Ruby

Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller


Britax B-Ready Stroller


Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat


ASIN: B004HO586Q
baby travel systems

baby travel systems

baby travel systems
Brand: Kolcraft
Brand: Britax USA
Brand: Baby Jogger
Model: JL035-XSA1
Model: U281792
Model: City Select w/ 2nd Seat
Kolcraft – Jeep Liberty Stroller
Britax stroller
Baby Jogger – city select
This stroller comes with a removable child tray that has two cup holders and a toy steering wheel that would keep your baby entertained. For gripping of all types of terrain it Comes with rugged twelve inch inflatable tires, while it’s easy swivel front wheels locks for unequal or uneven surfaces. With its multi-position reclining seat, it is designed to accommodate infants that are up to 40 labs. East to fold with one hand and can stand when folded. It is shipped to you in a certified frustration free package.Read more about the jeep liberty stroller
This stroller comes with a click and go integrated adapter system and would work with Britax bassinet and car seats. It also has compatibility features when used with a lot of other major brands of car seat when they are utilized with the Britax child car seat adapter frame which is sold separately. Easily converts to in-line double stroller to be able to accommodate multiple child seat and car seat configuration settings. The rubber tires are filled with foam. The reversible top seat has four reclining positions.Read more about the britax stroller Comes with a patented quick fold design. You can easily sellect your seating arrangement due to the unique multi-function design. It has sixteen unique combinations (with double conversion kit which is sold separately). The parking brake is Hand operated. Comes with a twelve inch forever air rear and eight inch lightweight dual-front quick release wheels with sealed ball bearings and front wheel suspension. It comes with a multi-position seat recline, and multi position sun canopy having a peek-a-boo window, up to four additional inches is achieved with the adjustable head height and the five point safety harness has buckle covers and shoulder pads.Read more about the baby jogger city select stroller

baby travel systems

baby travel systems

baby travel systems

Other Recommended Strollers and related Items


A child stroller must have good safety features.

One of the most important safety feature in a stroller is its stability. How would your baby stroller behave when a diaper bag is hanging over he handle? Will it remain upright or it will tilt? How easy is it for the stroller to tilt over?

You want to check the harness. A five point harness is preferred especially if your child uses the stroller a lot but a three point harness also is not bad if your stroller is mostly used for short trips to the store. make sure you look for sharp corners and pinch points

Stroller handles and wheels

An ideal situation would be to test drive your stroller before purchasing so that you would have feel for it to make sure you are comfortable with it before making purchase. But in reality, most strollers purchases are done online because of bargain prices, and you would not have that opportunity to test drive it. That is why we are providing you with reviews that you would not normally get from the manufactures. The best strollers are those with adjustable handle heights that way if you are the user is tall, you can extend the height and if you are short you can shorten the handle height. You have to take into account that your baby will be carried or pushed on the stroller by different people with different heights.

Strollers that make smooth corners are good because they will avoid being entangled in small spaces or sharp turns.
The stroller wheels should be forward enough so as not to hit your feet when you are walking at a faster pace. The handles should be covered with some soft material for hand comfort

Baby stroller convenience features:

You would always want to have a stroller with basket underneath it for storage rather than buy one without storage because it might be cheaper. That kind of trade-of is not a wise investment as you would find out later that it is a great inconvenience not to have one. Some strollers a retrofitted with organization tray for parents, drink and snack holders, toy bars, rain hoods, and other accessories. Some of the accessories are usually extras and would cost more money. So if you are on a tight budget, you should not be dissuaded from buying a nice stroller because it does not come with those extras. Easy folding of the stroller is a must as that alone can cause a lot of problems when you want to load it into your car, or store it.
What about the size? Well that would depend on some factors like the type of car space you have, the available space in your home and if you have a stroller for twins or triplets.

Another area of comfort in a stroller is the reclining seat. A stroller without a reclining seat has some limitations because you can only use it for children of certain ages. If you purchase a stroller that is just upright and cannot recline you can only use it for older children who can sit upright. meanwhile if you purchase a stroller that does not have an upright seat, then you can only use it for babies, because an older child would not want to lay back.

Also sometimes you might buy a stroller when you just have a baby and the child would outgrow the stroller, Well, then you are purchasing one, you should have that thought in mind so that you don’t have to buy too many stroller. On the average, a parent would use about two stroller levels before their child reaches four, an age that children would not need a stroller anymore.
Some parents would allow their children to use stroller up to about five years of age but I think that is too much.

The only time a four year old would need a stroller would be when you as the parents are going for a long walk like in a large amusement park or sometimes a zoo which can wear out the child.

Weight of stroller

Weight should always be major factor when considering any stroller purchase amongst baby travel systems. Lightweight strollers are preferable. The older umbrella strollers used to be very heavy compared to the new generation models that are coming out now. They are made of strong but lightweight material and some weigh less than 20 pounds even though they have the same features as the older models such as reclining seats, sun shades and storage baskets. These light and portable strollers are perfect for trips to the park, mall or just for outdoor use.

Although we know that lighter is better; but what if you happen to get a very good deal on a stroller that is not so light and you can afford it? well you can purchase it and keep it as a backup or just in case something goes wrong with the more portable one.

What about standard strollers?

Standard strollers are the most common type of strollers and they also come in different types and forms. the are usually heavier and roomier than lightweight strollers because they are more robust. They usually have larger wheels , more storage space and some more extras like a built in music system. they also have solid handles. These type of strollers are built to withstand abuse. many parents love these type of strollers because of their versatility as they can perform well in almost any condition.

Although these strollers do fold just like the light ones, their main disadvantage is their size and weight. They take up more space in the car and before yo purchase one you should make sure that it is not too big to fit in your car as that might present a major problem. The same can be said about using larger strollers in a crowded space which would not give you much room to maneuver.

Baby travel systems: Jogging strollers

Jogging as a part of exercise has taken a new dimension today because parents are more aware of healthy living and exercising is a vital part of it. Since parent would want to take care of their babies and at the same time would want to exercise, it makes sense to find a means of having the best of both worlds. That is where the jogger stroller comes in and makes it a great investment for parent who would want to jog and at the same time have their babies.

The baby jogger strollers are ideal for taking walks and very light jogging on all surfaces such as walk ways, smooth roadways as well as lawns. With regards to safety measures for your child, don’t endanger safe practices in order to save a few bucks. The technological know-how that are part of Baby Joggers enables you to effortlessly perform the outside routines which you really like and also have a practical approach to carry your son or daughter together for your adventure.

Jogger strollers are usually designed to be robust. They are usually designed with both children and parents comfort in mind, with a handy wrist strap so that you do not have to worry about losing your grip on the stroller, as well as a cushioned handle. While these may seem like small features now, after trying to wrestle a traditional stroller through a city park, you may feel differently. Featuring large, sturdy tires, sleek frames, hand-grip brakes and all-terrain suspension systems, jogging strollers perform well on almost any surface.

One very important point to note is that the jogger stroller is designed to be used for children who are at least six months old.

Baby Travel systems

Travel systems provides ease and convenience for busy new parents. A child infant travel system provides the ease of matching a baby automobile seat and child stroller in a single combo system. The baby car seat hooks up to the stroller and it also will come with a bottom which goes into the vehicle. This way you’ll be able to go ahead and take the child from your vehicle to the baby stroller without the need of possibly remove him from the car seat itself.

Since this is a combination of a stroller and a car seat, it has an advantage over purchasing a single stand alone unit of only a stroller or only a car seat. You can use the car seat with a new born baby, but the child will certainly out grow the car seat very quickly and would remain with the stroller as they grow older.

Baby travel systems: Stroller frames

Stroller frames within a good baby travel system are just what the name suggest. It is just a frame that is made to accommodate a car seat. You just snap the car seat inside the frame to make it a stroller. Usually, stroller frames are lighter in weight and compact than regular strollers because they do not come with padding, and do not also have the seat mechanism that regular strollers have. Sometimes the lighter weight may translate into better steering, too, but that also depends on the overall quality of the stroller frame.
Depending on the brand, you can get a stroller frame and a separate car seat cheaper than buying a stroller. The main problem with the stroller frame is that it is limited to accommodating the baby car seat. This means that when the baby outgrows the car seat, the frame will have to be replaced by a stroller. They are good baby travel systems but have very limited use.

Choosing Your Preferred Traveling System Baby stroller

Travel system baby strollers are available in all sizes and shapes. You can select from light-weight strollers, full size feature packed baby strollers and jogger strollers. If you will keep it in the vehicle, find out the way it’s going to fit and just how much room remains. Should you prefer a much larger stroller, think about exactly where you’ll use it and whether or not it’s going to be difficult to get around confined places using a broader stroller. Jogging strollers take care of any landscape, but don’t usually fold just as easily for trunk storage space.

Take into account stand alones as opposed to Baby Travel Systems

In the event you can’t locate a ready-made travel system having a car seat and stroller that you simply like, you could make your very own travel system with independent child car seats and strollers. Various models might not click with each other when placing the car seat over the baby stroller, however, many mother and father don’t make use of the travel systems like that; combining the two together. You’ll nevertheless have the ability to carry the child inside the baby car seat and make use of the stroller as always, using them independently. Another advantage of a stand alone is that you might just buy it to use for a season until the child gets to a certain age, be it a stroller or a car seat. You will also pay less if you need just one at a time.

Other Baby Travel Systems Options

If you don’t want to purchase the full size baby stroller and don’t desire to have the child car or truck seat, think about purchasing a universal baby stroller structure that snaps on to the carseat base, allowing you to steer the baby around without getting the baby away from the child car seat. Baby stroller frames are reasonably priced, and allow you to go with a full-size stroller afterwards if you’ve got a better concept of how you’ll utilize it.

Do older children need strollers?

Strollers are not only for babies. Several moms and dads of kids age ranges 5 and more mature are utilizing strollers as a way of monitoring their kids in public areas. For more aged youngsters, heavy-duty strollers with inflatable tires, shocks and suspensions that could support kids who weigh 50 lbs or even more are suggested. Some moms and dads realize that three-wheeled jogging strollers tend to be more resilient for much larger children.

Peg Perego is one of the best baby strollers available today and an umbrella stroller is one of its marks.The Peg Perego umbrella fold design is slim an safe.It is compact and can close with one hand and can stand alone. It is compatible with the primo viaggio infant car seat and can fit easily to the stroller with two straps that are included,Comes with 4-6.5” suspension wheel system that have ball bearings for smooth and responsive ride.Designed for enhanced maneuverability and steering, has front swivel wheels, and the rear wheels have one-step brake system,has an adjustable handle., the hood is large and has a sun visor and large basket. A detachable parent cup holder is also included.

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All of the information that has been provided in this page is designed to give you the parent the necessary information that would enable you make an informed decision on what type of baby stroller you want for your kid. As you can see the are so many options available, and things to consider before making that decision. I hope that I have provided you with the information that you need that would enable make an informed decision and to obtain one of the best baby strollers described above.