Baby Trend Jogging Stroller Review – Experience Utter Comfort

The Baby Trend jogging stroller is made to satisfy parents who want quality jogging strollers. They have different varieties for different needs. The strollers are excellent, at least according to the reviews posted by people who have used them before.  Here, we set out to find out what makes this baby stroller one of the best in the market. Can you really jog with it as its name suggests? Let us find out together about this baby trend jogging stroller review.

Different models of jogging strollers from Baby Trend

the baby trend jogging stroller models  include the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger -phantom, Baby Trend Velocity Stroller- Cobblestone, Baby Trend Lx jogger, Baby Trend Expedition Ex Jogging Stroller,-Fusion, Baby Trend Expedition Jogging stroller, Baby Trend Expedition Deluxe Swivel Jogger Baby jogging Stroller- Santorini and Baby Trend Expedition jogger Jogging Stroller and car seat.


BabyTrend Expedition Jogger, Phantom

This type of stroller has a fair price and works just the same as the expensive ones. It has a big storage capacity to ensure portability of snacks and diapers. It is easy to fold without any inconveniences and is compact. The stroller has front swivel wheels that are strong and can traverse uneven terrains. It has a one-touch hand button switch, which changes the pace of the stroller according to the parents’ situation. The stroller seat can be adjusted to lay flat in case the baby wants to nap or during changing diapers. Tis makes it one of the best baby trend jogging stroller models.

Baby Trend Jogging Stroller

The stroller is very appealing in attractive colors. The shelters are also very useful and convenient for protection. The installation is fast and it comes with the front wheels already in place.


BabyTrend Expedition Jogging Stroller

It is affordable for most parents and you save so much while getting quality service. Installing is fast, just reading from the manual and putting all pieces together is easy. It has strong wheels that can cut through muddy areas and pebble. The stroller is a good size for small and medium cars as it fits well in the trunk. This size is good as it can pass through doorways without problems. It has swivel wheels at the front, but they can be locked.


There is a wide range of color selection, which ensures everyone gets the color they need. The sun shelters are adjustable to different degrees. The belts straps are easy to buckle and unbuckle. The storage area is great it has a large basket underneath the seat for carrying more things. It also has drink holders and storage on the sides to keep small things.


BabyTrend Expedition Jogging Stroller, Fusion

This model is light and therefore easy to push around. It is accessorized with speakers for music system to avoid boredom during jogging. It also has rotating sun shelters and lockable front wheels. This Baby Trend Jogging stroller has strong wheels, which cut through grass and uneven terrain without any hitch. The ride is smooth as you do not feel the bumps as you jog.


BabyTrend Velocity Jogging Stroller, Cobblestone

It is affordable and of quality. It maneuvers well and needs minimum effort in pushing. The storage facility is big with trays and cup holders. The sitting base is big an advantage for big and growing toddlers. It comes with speakers attached to connect to ones music player and provides entertainment while jogging. The seat is adjustable and it can recline to a big angle.


BabyTrend Expedition Deluxe Swivel Jogger Baby jogging Stroller, Santorini

This Baby Trend jogging stroller review reveals that this stroller has strong wheels, which work on different uneven roads. It can cut through hills and bumpy areas while providing a smooth ride. It is also affordable and an excellent stroller for its price. It has a hand switch to manipulate the pace of the stroller during jogging or walking.


Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Jogging Stroller and car seat 

This type of stroller is attractive and useful in all manners. It has a large basket underneath the seat to store stuff and it can even be used for small-time shopping. It has two drinking holders for the parent. The stroller has bicycle wheels, which are strong and cut through different terrains. It is however light in weight and easy to push. The swivel wheels are great for jogging and they have a handy button to change the pace quickly. The stroller folds easily and fits into the trunk perfectly.


It comes with a car seat and base, which are easy to install. It also has adjustable seats that can recline at different angles. The stroller has a good size and passes through narrow doorways comfortably.


The bottom line about the baby trend  jogging  stroller designs.

For parents who want attractive jogging strollers with a wide variety of colors to choose from this is the stroller to buy. The wheels are strong and cut through different terrains while at the same time giving a smooth ride. The strollers are generally affordable and you save a lot from buying them. The adjustable seat and sun shelters come in handy during strolling. The Baby Trend jogging stroller review reveals that this pram  gives more than enough value for money.


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Uppababy Vista Stroller : Ideal for Young Parents

Most parent who have purchased this stroller models have some great things to say about them and also some negative things.  It would not serve you well as a parent if you want to buy something as important as a stroller  and you are not told the pros and the cons of what you want to buy.  You and your baby deserve the best and we are going to give you the facts about these strollers especially the Uppababy Vista Stroller

Main benefit

uppababy stroller system

Are you tall, you know American height, say like above 6 feet? You will be happy to know that the Uppababy strollers are referred to as the “tall stroller”. The adjustable handle can go as high as you want.


  • A minority of the users have complained that some models do not hold up very well in terms of strength,  they complain about the durability of the frames.
  • Some people complain that it is a bit pricey. However, ask any parent who knows a good stroller and they will tell you that they do not mind paying just a little extra for extra features.
  • Not many models to choose from (if anyone has an issue with that)

There are things you must consider when buying a stroller. Safety and convenience should rank top on your list of considerations. Your height and arm length will determine your choice of a stroller and like any other personal purchase; your choice will also be determined by your lifestyle and your personal preferences to some other added functionality to the basic stroller.

The Uppababy Vister stroller systems ranges  include:

Uppababy Jake Vista stroller

Uppababy 2012 Vista Stroller

Uppababy Vista stroller/green/slate/red

Let us look at these strollers in more detail:

Uppababy 2012 Vista Stroller

This model of Uppababy 2012 Vista Stroller is the most preferred of all umbrella type strollers by customers. In fact, it has a 4.5 star rating in the big eCommerce stores. This is a no brainer considering its specifications and low price. Like its name suggests, this stroller can be folded up just like any other regular umbrella stroller. What makes it stand out from the rest of its siblings is its other features which many consumers describe as nice and fantastic.

Though it is classified as an umbrella stroller and hence is lightweight and compact, it has many other features of standard strollers like a big basket under the carriage and a parent organizer that can take two of your bottles. It comes in a variety of colors including slate, red, green, and others that many young mothers prefer.

Uppababy Jake Vista stroller 

This Uppababy Vista Stroller is one of the best travel systems in the market but is is not cheap either. This stroller is perfect for the parent who plans to get two or more children. This is because its frame is made of a combination of steel and aluminum – strong and sturdily made to last a long time. It has an easily adjustable canopy that will protect your child from the elements like rain, strong sunshine, wind and cold. Its fabric parts can be easily removed for cleaning and this makes it suitable for all hygiene conscious parents.

It has a large storage basket for all your stuff from nappies to purses. Its brakes and locking mechanism works perfectly and prevents your stroller from moving forward unnecessarily when you need it to stop and its swivel wheels make maneuvering it a breeze. Its adjustable handles, makes it suitable for use by people of different heights.

Uppababy Vista stroller  – green

This Uppababy Vista Stroller is perfect for people who are always on the go. It is easy to hold and fold with one hand and its toddler seat can accommodate even bigger babies. It has a parent’s tray that can hold two bottles or cups and a snack and also a baby’s tray that can be pivoted.  Its front and rear wheel suspension system guarantees a smoother ride even on rough terrain. Its back wheel brakes can be easily activated by foot saving time.

Its comfortable reclining seat makes it suitable for children of all ages; newborn babies who cannot seat up yet and older babies who although they can seat up want to lie down. A stroller seat that doesn’t recline is harmful for your baby’s development. This recliner combined with its easy to use safety belts and straps, makes it an easy choice for any parent who understands safety.


Having a stroller or two is an absolute necessity for any parent who has a baby. Choosing the right stroller can make your day-to-day work in parenting easier and less tiring. The right stroller is the one best suited to your lifestyle. There is light umbrella type strollers’ best suited for a short trip to and from the local grocery shop. Then there are heavy strollers suitable for long distance walks or jogs on quite rough terrain. You should decide on the stroller you need before committing your hard earned cash and Uppababy Vista Stroller is an obvious choice for many parents and you can see why.



City Elite Stroller – Built For Optimum Comfort

The City Elite Stroller  is the new way to handle your way around town with so much ease, and style. You do not have to worry about inconveniencing your baby or yourself during shopping sprees and other outdoor activities. This brand has been designed for much easier handling of your baby anywhere. Talk about light weight, durability, adjustability, sizes, cost and other additional features. This brand is more than a baby stroller, it’s a revolution.

All the features of the City Elite  Stroller have been thoroughly revised. The resulting stroller provides you with a great experience with your baby as you ride with it. If your current stroller has sometimes disappointed you, the following features of these models are something worth a look.

Surely, you have different tastes for these strollers as in the case of all other products that you would want to buy. The City Elite baby stroller comes in a wide range of models to meet your individual specifications, be it in the case of twins, triplets and so forth. The models range from, Baby Jogging City-Elite single Stroller, Baby Jogging Elite 2012 City Single stroller, Baby Jogging City-Elite Blk Sports, Universal Single- Baby Jogger, Single and to mention but a few.

Getting the most suitable could be a little bit tricky because of the many models that they offer, but they probably have the best one to fit your needs. Below, we shall scrutinize different types of the leading models.

city elit stoller

(1)   Baby Jogging City Elite single Stroller


It is preferred by many people for a number of reasons. This city elite stroller is mostly used for its adjust-ability in that, you can adjust it as your baby continues to grow. In addition to that, it comes with adjustable handles to adjust with the height of the user, it comes in equally large variety of colors such that if your young star is a boy or a girl, you can opt for man or girly colors respectively.

This stroller is the perfect thing for sidewalks because of its ever-full tires that make its maneuverability very smooth. It has a bucket so that you will not have to worry about moving with changing clothes, food, water and anything that you would require for mom and babies.


Baby Jogger – City Elite Single Stroller with Parent Console – Gray

 city elite baby stroller This is one of the latest models of the City Elite Stroller, tailored for a wide range of uses on different terrains; it is simply a multipurpose stroller. Well, the last word, Single, might confuse you but let me elaborate a little further for better understanding of this all time stroller. The wheels that it comes with are probably the finest of all its components. Specially designed is the front wheel that has the ability to swivel in all directions such that the stroller moves smoothly and comfortably in even the roughest of the surfaces you find yourself in. This stroller comes with a parent console, which makes it very versatile.

What is more about this stroller is that, it has a modern folding technology that makes its folding so easy, that you can fold it in one hand while holding your kid in the other hand. It also has folding straps that allows you to safely fold and strap it easily for easier storage and transportation.

(3)   Baby Jogging City-Elite Blk Sports 

Mostly popular for its lightweight, this City elite baby Stroller is the best to pick if you are that choosy user who want to transport you little angel in a bit of style. Talk about color preferences and this comes in all the colors you could think of. The distinguishing feature of the Baby Jogger City Elite Black Sports is that it has a car- adaptor that makes it very compatible with many transport systems.

>>>Learn More About City Elite baby Stroller <<<

True, you want to grab one of these models for your kid but you fear the price. Well, the price of some of the City Elite Stroller models might be a tad higher, but their excellent performance is

worth every one of your coins.

The conclusion

What to say? You know that this is really what you need if you are a mom on the go and you need to bring cutie along. You will always long for travels with your baby if you get yourself one of the City Elite Baby Stroller models, stock is rapidly diminishing!


The Quinny Travel System – Baby strollers

The Quinny travel system is a said to be a reliable stroller system. You do not want be without a good and reliable baby travel system especially when the festive season comes. Most manufacturers of baby equipment would always try to make sure that they provide products that would serve the public very well considering the competition they have with other manufacturers.  The Quinny travel system is no exception in terms of quality and comfort although it might also have its own shortcoming onlike any other equipment


How will Quinny help you? They have everything you will ever need to comfortably handle your bundle of joy. They have all the system models for maximum safety and comfort of your baby, no matter how complicated your specifications could be. Buying online is the smartest move for you since you can find user reviews posted by others and read them, to know whether a travel system will meet all your needs perfectly.  Once you order your desired travel system, you will have it in the shortest time possible.


Herewith, we have a list of some of the exact different models that might perfectly meet your needs. They include:


Quinny Zapp 4 Baby Travel System

Freestyle Quinny 4 Travel System 001484CAPG

Black Quinny Zap Extra

Rebel Red Quinny Zapp Xtra Travel System

Freestyle 4 Travel System Quinny 001484CSTB


Below is a quick review of some of our models, to make you make the best choice when purchasing any  model from the Quinny Travel System lineup.


Quinny Zapp 4 Baby Travel System

This model combines exactly three components that anyone could need while travelling with his baby. Mostly preferred for its lightweight, the stroller that it comes with is something to rely on when pushing your kid on all terrains. The most distinguishing feature of this stroller is that it has an all round swivel front wheel that makes its maneuverability so smooth, even on uneven terrain. Of course, you will have to travel with several of your baby items, diapers, clothes and so forth. For this, in addition to the storage compartments on the stroller, the system comes with a diaper bag for that additional purpose. Not even sitting with your baby in the car should cause you restlessness again, you can fasten the superstar on a car compatible seat, your travelling can only become better with your baby comfortably seating next to you.


Freestyle Quinny 4 Travel System 001484CAPG

What makes this one rock? The jade color? Well it sure is masterpiece and if you love your kid, then you know that you do not want to deny them the best. It is a long lasting stroller and it comes with  large single wheels for easy maneuverability over all terrain.

It also has a bicycle bell to warn others that kiddie is coming. With the Mico seat it can be used by infants and older babies, six months and older.

Thanks to its hardy, compact and rugged nature, you can use this stroller on all terrains.


Black Quinny Zap Extra

It is black in color. It consists of compatibility and a bit of style. How you want to handle your baby is entirely your option because this model offers several alternatives, such that you can choose to walk around town stylishly pushing your baby on a revolutionary stroller, or you still could opt to push your baby stroller with one hand and so forth. The stroller has an adjustable handle so that you can comfortably use it at the height of your choice. This is a high rating system perfect for town dwellers.

Rebel Red Quinny Zapp Xtra Travel System

It is surprising how parents are flocking the online stores for this model in huge numbers. In fact, there are very few of them remaining in stock! This model is everything girlish, if your little baby is a girl.


Comprising of three components, this model is mostly preferred by parents who are a bit choosy when it comes to compact stroller features. The stroller has an adjustable seat and sun canopy, not to mention about the brakes that allow you to regulate the speed.



The models come in different varieties.

They incorporate very many useful features.



The models are slightly expensive, but their performance is something you can always smile about.


What we think

Buy one of these models without hesitation. It is easy and you will have more than enough value for your money. Looking for a travel system for baby can be hard with so many choices in the market. However, it is not impossible to find something that will appeal to your aesthetic side and so forth. Rejuvenate your  travels with your bundle of joy today by acquiring one of the finest Quinny Travel System models today, before stock runs out!


City Select Double Stroller – Baby Jogger with Second Seat

Based on reviews by parents who have used the city select double stroller, it is considered to be one of the best baby travel system for twins. If you are looking for a stroller that folds compactly and can navigate through narrow spaces then this is the type of stroller that you would want to check out.

For once, this is not your usual stroller. It has been manufactured in numerous models to fit the needs and the requirements of even the most selective user except that it is not for very big kids since it is designed with portability in mind. Talk about touches of style and extreme fashion trends, you can only go for this stroller if you are a style- sensitive parent. It has all the bells and whistles that you would want for any modern stroller.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second Seat

City Select double Stroller with Second Seat

So, what do you want to do with your City Select Double stroller? Yes, they know that you have a number of needs. This baby stroller comes in a variety of models such that your chances of getting the ultimate stroller are 100% guaranteed


>>>>Find more details bout this stroller<<<




. The different models include; the Baby 2012 Joggin City Select, Bumbleride City S Select, Maxxi Cossi City Select Stroller, MyBlue BumberShoot, mYBlue City Select 1, Skipp Hoop City Select, Tegu Stroller- City Select, Uppa -Baby City Select Stroller and so forth.


. Baby 2012 Jogging City Select

This stroller is more of a single unit capacity with a very high adjustability in that, it has a patented attachment that ensures that you are able to adjust the seating of the stroller according to the growth of your child. In addition to being manufactured to ensure a highly comfortable and safe ride for the baby and mother, this stroller incorporates the Quick- Fold Technology that allows one to fold it flat in a single simple step, for easier transportation and storage.

You do not have to worry about carrying anything else that you would need for your sweet child. This stroller comes with enough storage space and an easily accessible sizeable basket under the seat.

. Uppa -Baby City Select Stroller

This model, a multipurpose model, comes mainly in two types namely the Vista 2011 and the Vista 2012. Their similarities include- highly reversible seats, very light weight, precisely 25LB, they are made of fabrics washable machine fabrics of nylon, have an under seat storage basket, have highly adjustable handlebars, have a cover for rain and five- point harness for safety.

The greatest difference between these two models is that the 2011 model has a fixed height of canopy while the canopy height of the Vista 2012 is very adjustable. The other notable difference is their retail prices. While the 2012 model goes for $700, the 2011 counterpart sells at $680, but the former is worth the difference, trust me.

. The Jog -City Select Baby Stroller

So do you want to take your kid, doing more than comfortably walking? You cannot settle for a better stroller rather than this exemplary brand. Why do I say this? This stroller has everything that makes it the perfect jogging thing, from an all direction swivel front wheel and a 6.6 security harness that ensure that you ride even in the roughest terrain without prejudicing the comfort and safety of your child.

The weight of this City Select Model is also something that contributes to the high maneuverability of the stroller in uneven grounds and this can only get better because it wheels are ever- filled. What you will notice is that, the wheels of this stroller best for growing children are not filled with air, actually, they are not inflated air so that you will not have to worry about any possible punctures.

4. Ruby Baby City Select Jogger Stroller, Double Seat Kit

You cannot afford to leave behind one of your kids if you a twin, during a shopping spree or on one of your outdoor activities. Otherwise, taking two strollers at a time is not only cumbersome, it is also much expensive.

This is one thing that City Select Stroller identified and introduced this model. You can take your twins with you to the shopping mall in one stroller, the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second Seat Kit in Ruby. Again you do not have to worry about the weight of the twins, the lightweight of this stroller makes pushing your bundle of joy in it a great experience.



  • The models come in a wide range of varieties.
  • They incorporate numerous useful features.


The models are a bit expensive, but their performance is something that will always put a smile on your face.

The bottom line

So, to buy or not to buy? We can recommend these models for any parent without fear as they will give enough value for money. Everything that you have ever needed for baby travel has been incorporated in the City Select Double Stroller models, get one for your child before stock runs out.



Bumbleride Stroller System for Maximum Baby Comfort

The new Bumbleride Indie stroller system offers a new and flamboyant way to travel with your babby more efficiently than what its predecessors offered. With all its features newly revised and greatly enhanced, the resulting stroller is very much a stunner stroller. The performance and the ratings of this stroller are something to rely on, everywhere you want to use it on, do not even mention the roughest terrain you will use it on, that has been given a thorough thought too.


bumbleride indie strollerSimply, this brand is more than your conventional stroller. It is a revolution. Here, we will look at it in detail to see why is something to be desired .



For all your child handling needs, the Bumbleride baby strollers come in various models, to meet even the most special needs you might have, be it in the case of twins, triplets and so forth.


The different models of Bumbleride Stroller include:

– Bumbleride Seagrass Flyer 2012

– Bumbleride Stroller- Indie Fog

– Bumbleride Seagrass Indie Stroller Twins

– Bumbleride Ruby Flyer Handle Stroller Reversible- 7” wheels

– Indie Bumble Stroller- Jet


Making the right choice of the Bumbleride stroller model will not only be good for your kid, it will go a long way in making handling your baby much easier. Then below is a review of some of our bestsellers for you.


Bumbleride Seagrass Flyer 2012

This is what you will go for if you are that bit choosy parent who want a really light stroller. It combines various unique features like the compatible seat, a highly adjustable seat that allows you to severally reposition your child. What is more about this stroller is that it has a storage basket beneath the seat that is easily accessible, in addition to many storage compartments so that you can carry along everything you need for you bay.


You can now travel with your two angels comfortably, not with two strollers like it was the case before this stroller came into existence, but in a single comfortable stroller. Among it features include an adjustable sun canopy, adjustable handles, multiple storage compartments and wheel breaks. The most distinguishing feature of this model is probably is car adaptor that makes it compatible with any travelling system.


Bumbleride Seagrass Indie Stroller Twins

It has great resemblance to the Bumbleride Twin Indie Stroller.


This incorporates two other features that further increases its incredibility. First, it has the Quick- Fold Technology that allows you to fold it with one hand for either storage or transportation, without interfering with its performance. Secondly, its handles have several storage units for additional storage space. Then this is what you will need if you want your twins to travel in extra comfort and safety, good for your handling too.


Well, the models have one thing in common, their seats can be adjusted as your child grows, so that you do not have to go for another stroller every time your child adds a few foots or pounds, in addition to being very durable.



The brand comes in a wide range of models from which you can choose from.

The models have numerous features specifically designed for all your needs

Like the name suggests, the flier is very light and you will be able to maneuver it lightly across all terrains. It weighs just 19 lbs

The aluminum frame makes it light but very strong at the same time.

It will fold over for portability and easy storage after you are done strolling

Has a reversible handle

The front and back wheels can be locked depending on one’s mobility needs.


Well, acquiring one of these models will cost you an extra back as compared to the other conventional models but they will always put a smile on your face.



What we recommend

There are many features that make this a must-have for you. If you would love to make a one-off buy of a baby stroller that will last a long time, you have it here. It is also very light, perfect when you are shopping around town as you can maneuver it with one hand. Everything you have and you will ever need has been incorporated into the one piece, the Bumbleride stroller brand.






The Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller – The Perfect Choice for Parents

If you are talking about an outstanding stroller, Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller has the perfect features, which define its performance. This brand has won the hearts of many parents in the world. Many compatible features, their simplicity and efficiency are just some of the aspects to be credited to this, not to mention its durability. You will not have to buy another stroller for your next child since this one has a compact build that makes it weather rough handling. If it is not being used on rough terrain, it retains its fine condition for such a long time, to carry around more of your bundles of joy.

This brand name has different models that are all dedicated to satisfying all your needs, no matter how sophisticated they could be. Here is a list of some of the models of the Graco Quattro baby Stroller; Graco-Quattro T Travel, Graco Quattro Tandem Double Tour stroller, Graco Quattro Flint Duo Baby Stroller, Graco Quattro Vance Baby Stroller and Graco Quattro tour with Snugride30 Travel system


graco quattro tour strollerThis review aims to assist you make a better and a more informed choice on the model of this baby stroller to best-fit your needs. The wrong choice of the stroller could have negative impacts on you and your baby while the correct choice could make you look forward for another jog with your little king or queen around town.

1. Reverse Graco Quattro Tour with Snugride30 Travel system

This is without a doubt the perfect choice, if you want to go for a baby stroller with a rating of almost 100%. With single back wheels and double front wheels, this stroller incorporates a number of features that makes moving on any terrain a great experience. Talk about an adjustable sun canopy, where your young one can sunbath, to take in a little vitamin from the nature- free sun, it also has a snug seat that can be reclined close to a flat position so that you can alternate the position of the baby when need be. In addition, it comes with an easily accessible storage basket, just for everything that you need to carry for more comfort of the baby. What is more is that, its seat is car compatible!

2. Graco Quattro Vance Baby Stroller

You cannot get a better stroller than this if what you are looking for is a lightweight stroller. Why do I say this? This model has everything of the aspects of a light stroller, the perfect thing if you have to rush from one point to another. Particularly perfect for town dwellers, it has a weight capacity of precisely 48 pounds and an exact stroller weight of 17 pounds. You do not have to worry about an all time stroller because it has the Quick- Fold Technology that makes it a one- hand foldable stroller. It also has reclining feature and the all- round swivel wheel that makes its maneuverability a great experience, even on uneven terrain.

It incorporates multiple storage compartments in addition to having a sizeable storage basket so that you can carry alongside the twins anything that they might need during a shopping spree or any other outdoor activities you are involved in. The user can also adjust the handle of this model so that the jogging is even more comfortable.

3. Graco Quattro Flint Duo Baby Stroller

If you are the type of that choosy user who is reluctant because of the sizes of strollers that you consider huge, then today is your lucky day. this model is exactly what you have been looking for. Talk about a model that incorporates all features of a perfect stroller in to a small stroller, without making it lesser. Then one other unique feature of this Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller model is that it has a front and rear facing seat adjustment. It is for twins or two babies, comfortably and with enough space for them to wiggle about.


The models come in different varieties.

They incorporate very many useful features.


The models are a bit expensive, but their performance is something that will always put a smile on your face.


There are many baby strollers in the market. However, not all of them can do what their manufacturers say they can. The Quattro travel systems have been tested and proven ok. Compare all available models and buy what best fits your needs. There can never be a better way to travel with your baby than the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller, get one now to experience the thrill!


Evenflo Travel System – Ideal For Parents On The Go

The Evenflo travel systems are made to cater for kids when the need arises for parents to move around with their child. They are mostly designed with the priority of making the child safe and comfortable during trips. They come in different models for every parent. Many reviews on the internet about the Evenflo brand name are very impressive. However, you can never tell whether you really are getting the genuine deal and that is why we set out to find out more about it. Let’s explore and learn about some top models together.

evenflo baby travel system


  • Car seat, which is light and easy to ferry around
  • Padded seats for extra baby comfort
  • Safe strapping to keep baby in seat when traveling
  • Can grow with the baby by accommodating different sizes
  • Sunshade that protects baby no matter what side the sun is coming from



Well, save for the price, there are really no cons to write off. However, note that for safety, there is always an expiry dates for baby products.

Models of EvenFlo travel systems

They include Evenflo Select Travel System, Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller, Marianna, Evenflo Featherlite 400 Stroller, Aloe Green, Evenflo Featherlite 200 Stroller with embrace car seat, Trivet blue, Evenflo Aura Travel System, Alhambra, Evenflo Journey 200 Stroller travel system Kayla, Evenflo aura elite Travel system Stroller-Outback and Evenflo Zinq Travel system-Georgia Stripe.


Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller, Marianna

This stroller has a base and a car seat that is light and easy to ferry around. It is easy to assemble on acquisition and no effort needed in opening and closing it. The seats are padded and the baby’s head stays comfortable and safe while in the car. The shelters are designed to overlap once set properly as per the manual. This feature ensures the baby is protected from the sun irrespective of the direction of the sun. This model comes with different colors, which appeal to moms and babies.


Evenflo Aura elite Travel System Stroller, Outback

The Stroller has straps that keep the baby safe from sudden brakes during traveling or falling. The straps are adjustable to any size and growing kids can use this particular Evenflo travel system. It is also easy to assemble once you read the manual. The seats are cushioned to make the child comfortable and protect its head. The stroller has enough space for storage of baby’s necessities for the day plus the moms. The material it is made of is of good quality that is easy to clean. It is also accessorized with wipes necessary for the routine cleaning of minor things.


Evenflo Select Travel System, Alhambra

It is made up of a quality material, which does not suffocate the skin and feels cozy. It has a large storage facility like most of the jeep liberty strollers and the drink holders are fitted well to avoid them falling. It also folds and opens up well.


Evenflo Featherlite 400 Stroller, Aloe Green

The stroller and the seat have a manageable weight. The stroller comes with a base on the car seat, which eases the cost of buying the base separately. They generally look attractive like the way they appear on catalogues. The coloring is great and of a wide range to suit most parents. The wheels are made with strong rubber and they can traverse through uneven terrain and hills.


Evenflo Journey 200 Stroller, Parma

The seats base is large enough to fit the kid and allow some fiddling space. The wheels turn well with ease. They are attractive and appeal to most parents. It is easy to assemble and folds well. It has a large storage facility and parents trays. It has wonderful sun protection mechanisms, which rotate at different angles to protect the baby.


Final word

The Evenflo baby travel systems meet the needs of many parents who want affordable and quality strollers. Color range of the strollers, speaker, canopies and more are just some of the benefits acquired from purchasing these strollers. The customer care service is excellent as you only need to tell them your problem and they will solve any stroller defaults. The different strollers are versatile enough to fit the different styles of different parents. The EvenFlo travel system will give you a long service, is easy to use even for newbie parents.


Baby Trend Travel System – Handling all Your outdoor Baby Needs

The Baby Trend Travel System incorporates several components that you will need for the safe handling of your baby during travel. You will also need something that you can use from the comfort of your baby in the car to safety when you are having fun during your outdoor activity, be it in the park, recreation center and so forth. These will only make you traveling a lot easier, especially if you choose the right one for your needs.


The Travel System comes in different models from which you can choose your ultimate system. So, what do you want in your system? Here I have compiled an extensive list of the different models, just for you.


– Trend Expedition Baby Swivel Stroller System –by Hanna

– Baby Jogging Expedition System – GreenTea

– Baby Venture Baby Travel- Victoria

– Baby Trend Columbia Travel System – Encore

– Baby Trend Windsor Expedition System -Stroller ELX

– EverGlade Baby Expedition Travel ELX System

– Baby Trend ION Expedition System

– Elixer Jogger Travel System –by Baby Trend

– Expedition Jogger Mojito Baby Stroller N CarSeat System

– Travel LX Expedition System- Millennium


Now that you have an idea of what models we have, I am about to take you to the other level, so that you are in a better position to select the right Baby Trend Travel System model for your particular needs. Here, we will have a thorough review of some of the models.

This model incorporates a stroller and a- car adaptable seat, all designed with the comfort and the safety of your baby in mind. The features of this model includes-

Elixer Jogger Travel System –by Baby Trend

  • A front swivel wheel that is lockable for smooth maneuverability on all terrains, in addition to ever- filled bicycle tires at the rear.
  • A main storage tray consisting of a couple of holders and multiple storage compartment
  • Has a jogger, an infant’s car seat that comes with car adapter so that you can fasten your kid safely beside you in the car.
  • A canopy that is highly adjustable, consisting of a sun- proof cover to shield your little superstar from the weather (wind and sun).
  • Has an easy- trigger system that folds your stroller on a single press into a compact unit, for easy storage and storage.

Expedition Jogger Mojito Baby Stroller N CarSeat System

This model has continued to dominate the market for it incredibility, credited to the features that it comes with. With great resemblance of features as in the case of Baby Trend Expedition Travel System Stroller – Elixer model, it has several additional ones, they include-

  • An adjustable soft seat that can be positioned and reclined into desired positions for the comfort of your baby on different terrains.
  • A 6- point that is highly adjustable for extra comfort.
  • An EZ Flex—Mode Car Seat & Base Options that is efficient with weights ranging between 10 to 35 pounds and heights of the range not more than 33 inches.

EverGlade Baby Expedition Travel ELX System

This model feature is perfect for you if your lifestyle is busy involving many daily activities. You can rush from one point of the city to the other in style with this stroller. You do not have to worry about your height as it has an adjustable handle for all user’s heights. With it come the Flex Loc Infant Car seat for adaption to your car. Its front wheels can be locked to swivel in all directions for additional maneuverability especially on uneven terrain.


Jogging with the stroller is even smoother because of its rear wheels, which helps it to maintain high performance on any path. Then, the last feature that will make you settle for this is the two MP3 speakers! You cannot believe it but this is the only Baby Trend Travel model, which allows you and your little superstar to listen to your favorite music tunes.


Baby Trend Windsor Expedition System -Stroller ELX

If you have been looking for this multi- purpose system, high performance on all terrains and long durability are some of its characteristics, attributable to the following features.

  • A soft Car Seat, which can comfortably seat a 33 lbs child
  • A highly adjustable handle for ease of use by parents of all sizes
  • A weather cover on the canopy to shield the baby from the weather.



We hope you have found what you were looking for. The Baby Trend Travel System is everything you are looking for, get the best travel experience with your baby today.


Peg Perego Stroller – Baby Comfort and Easy Handling

Peg Perego stroller is the renowned Italian brand for babies. It is widely used in North America and European markets thanks to its but compact build, and its comfort for babies. For parents looking for a long lasting stroller for their babies, this one fits the bill perfectly. It is not an ordinary stroller, as you will see when you buy it because it had been made for very demanding parents. It is made for people with an exclusive fashion taste and so forth.

Here, we shall review a few models that are available for consumers. Note that there are very many models. Just like every product, the Perego stroller has its pros and cons. We shall explore all those.

1. The peg Perego aria twin stroller

As they promise you, they have a stroller to fit every situation. If you want one for twins or even triplets, they will have one for you under this brand name. The Aria twin stroller from Peg Perego is a masterpiece designed for easy movement and for utter comfort of the baby. This is a thoughtly designed  Peg Perego stroller

Many users refer to this stroller as multi-purpose because it has two sides to it. Its 60 and 40 sides can be used to sit older and younger siblings or may be the bigger twin can take the 60 side. Both sides have their own hoods that can be adjusted separately.

2. The Peg Perego Pliko P3 strollers

These are a favorite for many people for different reasons, for example, they come with adjustable handles and as the baby grows, the parent can adjust some of the features for maximum comfort. For example, the front bumper hinges can be removed when the baby is bigger. The Pliko P3 strollers come in a variety of colors so that parents who have a baby girl and want girlish colors like pink can find one. Although this stroller feels very light, it will last for more than one child because the frame is aluminum. It is also made of strong fabric that requires little maintenance.

The hood is multi-position meaning that you can turn it anyway that you want the baby to face. The hood has window and can be unzipped to be turned into a sun canopy.

3. The Vela Easy drive stroller from Peg Perego
This is very handy for traveling because it can be folded easily and be held in one hand. It has single rear wheels that can be stopped by brake pedal while the front single wheels can be locked or be left in swivel mode. This is compactly built with springs for the comfort of the baby even when strolling on uneven ground.

The swivel front wheels will make it very easy to maneuver the stroller.

4. Si Light weight Peg Perego stroller

This one is indeed light weight. The six and half inch wheels and their twelve ball bearings come in very handy to make it easy to steer and to move around. It is very slim, can be folded with one hand into a standalone design. It also comes with a detachable parent cup holder and a large hood that incorporates a sun visor.

Pros of the Peg-Perego strollers
As mentioned above for every stroller, they are light weight and easy to maneuver as most of them come with ball bearings in their wheels.

They are available in many varieties to meet the demand of even the choosiest parents. No matter what color one wants, or whether one wants a stroller for triplets or twins, they will have it.

There are many features in the strollers. For example, some have the sun visor incorporated in the hoods while others have large hoods that can be spread to form sun canopies.

The Italian Peg Perego stroller is designed for the comfort of the baby and of the mother. All of them will also last longer than one baby and as the baby grows older, the hoods, seats and other features can be adjusted to accommodate the bigger baby.

Choose what you want, there is a design for everyone

Some of the Peg-Perego strollers can be really big and they may not fit in cars or trucks with hoods comfortably, thus risking damage.

Some people may argue about the price of some of the Peg Perego stroller, while others are happy to pay more and get more features.