Is The Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller Twins Best Choice ?

The Bob revolution SE Duallie stroller is one to consider if you have two children and you’re looking for something you can rely on, when it comes to functionality, durability, safety and comfort.

As a parent and someone who also have twins as siblings I know what it takes to raise them and to make a selection for a traveling system like strollers. When it comes to looking for a stroller there are a variety of strollers that are in the market and it can sometimes get confusing to make a good selection if you don’t know what you are looking for. Choosing a good stroller for twins can be sometimes challenging because unlike a single stroller, strollers for twins are sometimes bulkier and heavier.




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Brand: BOB
Brand: BOB
Brand: BOB
Model: ST1051
Model: HB0406
Model: ST1011
Includes The stroller comes with a stroller strides fitness kit which includes an exercise tubing, the Bob handlebar console, the stroller strides exercise manual. A superior maneuverability is provided by swiveling front wheels, as a forward locking position is provided for rough terrains, or during jogging.
With its two-step folding system and a frame construction that is very lightweight, it makes it easy for the stroller to be easily transported and stored. It also comes with the adjustable suspension that enables the stroller to have an exceptional smooth ride.To quickly and easily attach the Bob revolution car seat, it comes with an accessory adapter
To provide an easily secure attachment this stroller has four Velcro straps water bottle holder, a zippered compartment storage of items like percifiers, keys, cell phone, and other traveling items. These compartment is made from a very “rip-stop” polyester material. This provides durability of the storage compartment.
To be able to easily traverse rough terrains and provide increased stability, and use it conveniently during jogging the stroller comes with fixed front wheels. For convenience transportation, is made with its two-step folding process and lightweight frame construction. The state of the art adjustable suspension, it provides an essential and exceptionally smooth ride. In order to provide quick and convenient attachment of the Bob infant car seat or snack tray, has an accessory adapter. It has an ultra padded adjustable reclining seat that has been enhanced comfort. To keep the child safe and secure, it is fitted with a five point padded harness.

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This baby stroller stands out because of its popularity as it is being used by a lot of parents who have raised twins. If you want to know how to stroller performs, the best way to know is to read reviews of parents who have already bought it and used it for several years. You can go to websites like to read reviews for yourself.


When it comes to functionality, the stroller delivers as it is an all-terrain stroller which can be used on different road conditions. Whether you live in the city or in the country this equipment can stand up to the task.

A superior maneuverability is achieved by its swivel front wheels, as it locks forward to increased stability during jogging or when the terrain is rough. Eight state of the art suspension system provides an exceptional smooth ride on very rough road conditions.

Durability and comfort

For its durability, it comes with a solid lightweight frame construction that makes it easy to transport and store.

One good thing about the stroller is that it is very roomy and provides great comfort for your twins. It allows them to grow in it as it comes with an accessory adapter which can be used to secure the Bob infant car seat and a snack tray. If your children as the very young the car seat will be used to accommodate them before they get to an age where they can make use of the roomy space.
So if you are looking for a stroller that will grow with your twins and at the same time provide comfort and safety then you should consider the Bob revolution SE Duallie stroller as it is a stroller of choice for most parents as Bob revolution has done a good job in his design.


Futures Of This stroller

A pivoting front wheel s are designed for easily maneuverability. If you prefer to walk in the park or make tight corners this stroller provides superior movement because of its swivel front wheels that are designed to rotate very freely. With its three wheeled design, the stroller is equipped with two rear wheels that can withstand any type of surface. For increased stability during jogging and you can also lock the front wheels when the terrain gets rough.

As a matter of convenience it comes with with an assessor adapter that would accommodate a Bob infant car seat which is so separately so that you can use it for infants.

A state of the art suspension system provides an exceptional smooth ride thus providing a comfortable and enjoyable ride for your children. Reliability is a short by a two position shock absorber system, a five point padded harness that comes with fasting us and fastened end by an easy to use pull string with rings that will keep the child safe and secure. An added security is provided with an additional rearwheel brake system that can be applied with your foot.

Easy folding system

It has to well designed easy folding system that is made from some alloy materials with aluminum and chromoly. With its two-step folding frame the stroller would offer an easy way for it to be transported by a busy parent or any user. The fabric is stain resistant and easy to clean and the good thing is that it comes with a variety of color choices that will suit any parent’s just.

Storage options

it provides an adjustable reclining seat that would help the child and give him or her comfort while sleeping as the adjustable reclining seat tilts back to about 70° from the vertical position. With its multiposition canopy it provides protection against the sun as it is well covered and it will allow you to put an eye on the baby through a viewing window. There are storage options also made available as it comes with four interior pockets with two seats back pockets. Underneath the stroller is a hanging basket for storing everything that is necessary for traveling.