Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

If you are  anything like me , you want to have  the best for your child especially when it come to strollers because the last thing that you want to have especially when you are away from home with your baby is to have a stroller that does not provide comfort and security to you and your baby.  Based on my experience and research the Bob revolution SE single stroller stands out in terms of quality.  The first thing you want to look for or consider I a stroller are first the safety features, and then the convenience and finally the style and  this stroller meets all the those qualities.

This article features the Bob Revolution single stroller but also below, you will find a review chart of some of the best Bob revolution strollers that are very popular. Each model will have a brief description with a link to the full product review of that  item and the information would be updated periodically.  If you don’t find a full review of an item, come back late to see if it has been posted.

Featured Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller

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ASIN: B004DC9T94

Bob Revolution SE Single stroller

Bob Revolution SE Single stroller

Bob Revolution SE Single stroller
Brand: BOB
Brand: BOB
Brand: BOB
Model: ST1002
Model: ST1006
Model: ST1043
This stroller has front wheels that are fixed to provide maximum stability while jogging , hiking or in difficult and rough trails. For convenient storage and transportation, it it built with a two step folding system.It s adjustable suspension is state of the art and provides rides that are exceptionally smooth.  It has an accessory adapter that enables it to  easily and quickly attach the Bob infant car seat adapter with the snack tray. It is compartible with the CS1001 Graco, the CS1001 Peg Perego, and the C1003 Chicco .For enhanced seating comfort it is built with an adjustable reclining seat. To keep your child  secure and comfortable, it has a five point padded harness. The Fixed front wheels of this stroller provides increased steadiness even if you are jogging at an average pace. For convenient storage and transportation is designed with a lightweight frame and has a two-step easy folding system. With its state of the art suspension system, an exceptional smooth ride is provided. The accessory adapter also provides for an easy and quick attachment of the Bob Infant car seat adapter or snack tray.  It is also compatible with Graco CS1001, Peg Perego CS1002 and the Chicco CS1003.  Comes with an ultra adjustable reclining seat that provides an enhanced baby seating comfort.  Also built  within is a five point padded harness to provide baby security and comfort. For superior maneuverability, this stroller is built with swivel front wheels and for easy jogging or when the terrain is tough its designed swivel front wheels are  locked forward. It Comes with an easy two step folding capability and it is made very light for easy and convenient transportation and storage. The state of the art adjustable suspension system gives it an exceptionally smooth and easy ride. Accessory adapter allows for easy and quick attachment and detachment of the Bob car seat adapter and/or snack tray. Available spring of 2011. Its ultra padded adjustable seat reclines to provide an enhanced seating comfort for your baby.

Bob Revolution SE Single stroller

Bob Revolution SE Single stroller

Bob Revolution SE Single stroller

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Being a mother,  the pressure parent have dealing daily with other pressing family issues and at the same time give an undivided attention to their babies make it very difficult to find time to spend shopping around for a stroller and  hoping that you would just immediately run into one that you want.  It does not usually happen that way. You do not want to rush into getting a stroller that would be potentially unsafe, uncomfortable or would not last.

 When it come to traveling out of my home with my baby I always makes sure that I have a stroller that would be very comfortable  for my baby, durable and durable and easy to use. I did my research and I want to share with you my Bob Revolution single stroller review.

You see, as a busy mother, selecting the best baby stroller for you and your baby is not a very easy thing to do.  Not only can it be time consuming if you relay want the best, it can also be very confusing because there is  a lot out there and a lot is being thrown at you to chose from, and you don’t know the right one.

Reading this Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller review takes  away the guess work and gives you some information that you can work with.  This stroller is top quality, as you would see in this review, and meets most of the requirements that a majority of the parent are looking for, and this is reflected in the review ratings provided by customers.


The reputation of the Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller

 f You are searching for a good and reliable stroller for your child, you don’t want to gamble on your choices. You want to have something that has built its reputation.  One thing that makes this  stroller to stand out is it durability and comfort.  Not all strollers would meet such a criteria.

The strength of this stroller is unmatched.  The steel frame construction of bob revolution se single stroller gives comfort to parents knowing that their baby is secured in a stroller that is built for strength and at the same time provides comfort to their baby. One customer has even said how the strollers saved her baby’s life from an on-coming car, because of the steel frame construction.  If you read the customers’ review, you will see how they are giving the Bob Revolution single stroller great reviews.


Features & Specifications

 Some of the many features that make this stroller very impressive are as follows:


  • ·        It has superior maneuverability because it has swivel front wheels.


  • ·        It provides great stability in rough terrains, or when you are jogging, and that help to keep you baby calm.


  • ·        It folds easily in two simple steps.


  • ·        It has a lightweight frame that makes transportation or moving with the stroller a breeze.


  • ·        Its suspension system is adjustable and as a result it provides an extraordinary smooth ride for your baby.


  • ·        The car seat or snack tray utilizes its accessories adapters for easy attachment. Adjustable recliner is extra padded to provide an enhanced baby seat comfort.


  • ·        Your baby is comfortably secured to the stroller using a five point padded harness


The Customer Reviews & Scores

Nor real review would be complete without  providing some discussion about real life customer reviews for this bob revolution stroller model.

During my research on this stroller, I found 193 real customer reviews.  This stroller system has an impressive 4.5 out or 5 star rating.  It is difficult to find product with that many reviews and yet maintain a very high star rating.  This alone translates into value, because it means that the device has been tested by many and yet, still maintains its value.

Of course there is bound to be some users who would complain about  something and in this case some users complained about the  newer model; that they don’t like the seat belt compared to the older model; that the older model’s belt is easier to pull but the newer model’s belt is a little bit difficult.  I guess this user had already owned  the Bob  older Revolution stroller for several years before trying to get a newer model. The overall consensus is this bob revolution se stroller is worth its weight and it is reasonably priced. It is good for child care.

If you have been looking for a single stroller for you and your baby and you want some thing that would not disappoint you, then you should consider getting the Bob Revolution SE single stroller, for it is highly recommended by me and by many others.


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