Bumbleride Stroller System for Maximum Baby Comfort

The new Bumbleride Indie stroller system offers a new and flamboyant way to travel with your babby more efficiently than what its predecessors offered. With all its features newly revised and greatly enhanced, the resulting stroller is very much a stunner stroller. The performance and the ratings of this stroller are something to rely on, everywhere you want to use it on, do not even mention the roughest terrain you will use it on, that has been given a thorough thought too.


bumbleride indie strollerSimply, this brand is more than your conventional stroller. It is a revolution. Here, we will look at it in detail to see why is something to be desired .



For all your child handling needs, the Bumbleride baby strollers come in various models, to meet even the most special needs you might have, be it in the case of twins, triplets and so forth.


The different models of Bumbleride Stroller include:

– Bumbleride Seagrass Flyer 2012

– Bumbleride Stroller- Indie Fog

– Bumbleride Seagrass Indie Stroller Twins

– Bumbleride Ruby Flyer Handle Stroller Reversible- 7” wheels

– Indie Bumble Stroller- Jet


Making the right choice of the Bumbleride stroller model will not only be good for your kid, it will go a long way in making handling your baby much easier. Then below is a review of some of our bestsellers for you.


Bumbleride Seagrass Flyer 2012

This is what you will go for if you are that bit choosy parent who want a really light stroller. It combines various unique features like the compatible seat, a highly adjustable seat that allows you to severally reposition your child. What is more about this stroller is that it has a storage basket beneath the seat that is easily accessible, in addition to many storage compartments so that you can carry along everything you need for you bay.


You can now travel with your two angels comfortably, not with two strollers like it was the case before this stroller came into existence, but in a single comfortable stroller. Among it features include an adjustable sun canopy, adjustable handles, multiple storage compartments and wheel breaks. The most distinguishing feature of this model is probably is car adaptor that makes it compatible with any travelling system.


Bumbleride Seagrass Indie Stroller Twins

It has great resemblance to the Bumbleride Twin Indie Stroller.


This incorporates two other features that further increases its incredibility. First, it has the Quick- Fold Technology that allows you to fold it with one hand for either storage or transportation, without interfering with its performance. Secondly, its handles have several storage units for additional storage space. Then this is what you will need if you want your twins to travel in extra comfort and safety, good for your handling too.


Well, the models have one thing in common, their seats can be adjusted as your child grows, so that you do not have to go for another stroller every time your child adds a few foots or pounds, in addition to being very durable.



The brand comes in a wide range of models from which you can choose from.

The models have numerous features specifically designed for all your needs

Like the name suggests, the flier is very light and you will be able to maneuver it lightly across all terrains. It weighs just 19 lbs

The aluminum frame makes it light but very strong at the same time.

It will fold over for portability and easy storage after you are done strolling

Has a reversible handle

The front and back wheels can be locked depending on one’s mobility needs.


Well, acquiring one of these models will cost you an extra back as compared to the other conventional models but they will always put a smile on your face.



What we recommend

There are many features that make this a must-have for you. If you would love to make a one-off buy of a baby stroller that will last a long time, you have it here. It is also very light, perfect when you are shopping around town as you can maneuver it with one hand. Everything you have and you will ever need has been incorporated into the one piece, the Bumbleride stroller brand.






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