Graco Double Stroller – Provides Unequalled Benefits

The Graco Double Stroller is a good investment if one has twins or many kids. This can be picked according to personal fashion and taste. The strollers come with different color, design and size so it is important for one to find first what suits one before purchasing. Because the Graco name seems so popular with many Americans, we set out to find out what makes it the best stroller for babies and parents alike.

Just like other strollers that I have reviewed, in order to  make it easier for you to decide on which ones you would prefer,  I have provided a review chart for the most popular Graco strollers.  That way you can go to each one and read the complete review about that particular stroller as they all have links to their individual pages that provide complete review of each model that is listed.

This page would feature only the details of the Graco double stroller although I have provided top rated and recommended strollers and their brief description. Each brief description will have a link to the entire product review.  If you do not find a link, check it out next time as the  pages are updated regularly


Featured  Stroller _- Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller

Top Rated Graco Double Stroller Items

Graco Twin IPO Stroller, Platinum

Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Stroller, Metropolis

Graco Ready2Grow Stand and Ride Stroller, Metropolis

Graco Twin IPO Stroller


Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Stroller


Graco Ready2Grow Stand and Ride Stroller


ASIN: B005VM63X0

Graco Double Stroller

Graco Double Stroller

Graco Double Stroller
Brand: Graco
Brand: Graco
Brand: Graco
Model: 1749269
Model: 1815038
Model: 1812943
Graco Baby
 This is a compact and strong double stroller that would fit two small children who weigh as much as 50 pounds each. With a one hand held gravity fold with storage latch, this stroller is easy to close with no work to be done on your part. The front swivel wheels are lockable to provide a comfortable and smooth ride for your baby.  It is shipped ina frustration free accredited packaging. This stroller would accept all the graco child car seats and can be used to form a travel system. Kids have a choice of either taking a seat on padded bench or get up on the platform.  To provide baby comfort, the muti position recliner chair  lies down flat.  With the one hand held standing fold with storage latch it make storage easy and no bending is necessary. This graco baby stroller would accommodate two graco baby car seats.  It comes with twelve riding choices from baby to youth.  The rear seat has a face time for better interaction with the baby.  The bench seat, front seat and standing platform each can hold a child of up to fifty pounds in weight.  The rear seat is able to hold as much as 40 pounds. Has a license frustration free pachaging shipping.

Graco Double Stroller

Graco Double Stroller

Graco Double Stroller

Other Recommended Graco  Double Strollers



Models of Graco double strollers

There are many types like Graco Quattro duo double stroller, Graco duo glider double stroller, Graco twin IPO stroller, Graco ready2grow stand and ride stroller and Graco snug ride Infant among others.

Graco Duo glider double stroller

This type of stroller has the storage facility to put in edibles, diapers and other light things needed when going out. The stroller is affordable, easy to put up on acquisition and does not complicate when closing. The stroller can be folded and it fits well in the trunk. This stroller has manual breaks, you only need to close the breaks, and it would not stroll away. The goodness of the Duo glider double stroller is that it can be adjusted to different sitting positions an d even napping and the gear is on the back of the seat.

Graco Quattro Tour Duo Double Stroller

This is a larger stroller, which takes more weight and can fit babies up to 50 pounds. It also has a storage facility to put what is required when going out. The seats are cushioned to provide comfort and can be adjusted to several positions using the gear on the back of the seat . The Quattro stroller folds perfectly in order to be fit in the trunk. The breaks have a button for closing and this ensures that once you leave the stroller it won’t be moved.


Graco Ready2Grow stand and Ride Double Stroller

The unique thing about this stroller is the many adjustable sitting arrangements it can offer. The kids can face forward, backwards and in this case, you see them with ease and monitor what they do. The can also face each other and be playing as you move but you can see them. These adjustments are made easily from just reading understanding the manual.


The Ready2Grow Stand and Ride Double Stroller is designed in that kids can be able to sit and stand on the platform. This is interesting as they can be able to enjoy watching things especially in malls while the parent pushes the stroller. It has shelters that protect the kids from sun and rain. The material does not readily absorb water from rain and therefore cleaning is easy. This particular stroller feels easy to push and lighter.


Graco Twin IPO Double Stroller

This model of Graco Double Stroller has adequate spacing underneath for storage of baby and mother things. It is easy to arrange from the manual. It is made with strong materials that can accommodate the weight of big toddlers. The most beneficial about it is the fact that it can pass through narrow parts without inconvenience of changing the positioning of the stroller. When unbuckling, the strands separate themselves perfectly that you would not have to be entangled with the strands.

Graco Room 2 Stand Double Stroller

With this stroller, a kid can stand or sit on the platform. Multiple Adjustments can be made to ensure comfort even during naps. It is made of swivel wheels, which turn easily without straining or using too much effort. It is designed in a way that the seats can be washed and frames wiped easily with the recommended temperature of water.


Graco Snap and Go Double Stroller

This particular double stroller comes with most parts fitted in so you only fit some and the user manual is easy to understand. There is a large storage capacity, which offers space for diapers, water bottles and snacks for both the baby and mom. It is quick to fold it as it just snaps into the position to be fitted in the trunk. The stroller is lighter and narrow and can transverse through small doors of supermarkets. It is special as the front wheels can be positioned into the direction you are going for easier movement.


We would recommend the double strollers from Graco for every baby and mother. According to how you want your kids to feel, the comfort and the freedom that you want them to experience, choose the most suitable Graco baby stroller. This double stroller has been accessorized to meet parents’ demands and comfort. In order to get the best Graco double stroller do thorough research so that you find the one that best fits your needs.


Graco Double Stroller