Uppababy Vista Stroller : Ideal for Young Parents

Most parent who have purchased this stroller models have some great things to say about them and also some negative things.  It would not serve you well as a parent if you want to buy something as important as a stroller  and you are not told the pros and the cons of what you want to buy.  You and your baby deserve the best and we are going to give you the facts about these strollers especially the Uppababy Vista Stroller

Main benefit

uppababy stroller system

Are you tall, you know American height, say like above 6 feet? You will be happy to know that the Uppababy strollers are referred to as the “tall stroller”. The adjustable handle can go as high as you want.


  • A minority of the users have complained that some models do not hold up very well in terms of strength,  they complain about the durability of the frames.
  • Some people complain that it is a bit pricey. However, ask any parent who knows a good stroller and they will tell you that they do not mind paying just a little extra for extra features.
  • Not many models to choose from (if anyone has an issue with that)

There are things you must consider when buying a stroller. Safety and convenience should rank top on your list of considerations. Your height and arm length will determine your choice of a stroller and like any other personal purchase; your choice will also be determined by your lifestyle and your personal preferences to some other added functionality to the basic stroller.

The Uppababy Vister stroller systems ranges  include:

Uppababy Jake Vista stroller

Uppababy 2012 Vista Stroller

Uppababy Vista stroller/green/slate/red

Let us look at these strollers in more detail:

Uppababy 2012 Vista Stroller

This model of Uppababy 2012 Vista Stroller is the most preferred of all umbrella type strollers by customers. In fact, it has a 4.5 star rating in the big eCommerce stores. This is a no brainer considering its specifications and low price. Like its name suggests, this stroller can be folded up just like any other regular umbrella stroller. What makes it stand out from the rest of its siblings is its other features which many consumers describe as nice and fantastic.

Though it is classified as an umbrella stroller and hence is lightweight and compact, it has many other features of standard strollers like a big basket under the carriage and a parent organizer that can take two of your bottles. It comes in a variety of colors including slate, red, green, and others that many young mothers prefer.

Uppababy Jake Vista stroller 

This Uppababy Vista Stroller is one of the best travel systems in the market but is is not cheap either. This stroller is perfect for the parent who plans to get two or more children. This is because its frame is made of a combination of steel and aluminum – strong and sturdily made to last a long time. It has an easily adjustable canopy that will protect your child from the elements like rain, strong sunshine, wind and cold. Its fabric parts can be easily removed for cleaning and this makes it suitable for all hygiene conscious parents.

It has a large storage basket for all your stuff from nappies to purses. Its brakes and locking mechanism works perfectly and prevents your stroller from moving forward unnecessarily when you need it to stop and its swivel wheels make maneuvering it a breeze. Its adjustable handles, makes it suitable for use by people of different heights.

Uppababy Vista stroller  – green

This Uppababy Vista Stroller is perfect for people who are always on the go. It is easy to hold and fold with one hand and its toddler seat can accommodate even bigger babies. It has a parent’s tray that can hold two bottles or cups and a snack and also a baby’s tray that can be pivoted.  Its front and rear wheel suspension system guarantees a smoother ride even on rough terrain. Its back wheel brakes can be easily activated by foot saving time.

Its comfortable reclining seat makes it suitable for children of all ages; newborn babies who cannot seat up yet and older babies who although they can seat up want to lie down. A stroller seat that doesn’t recline is harmful for your baby’s development. This recliner combined with its easy to use safety belts and straps, makes it an easy choice for any parent who understands safety.


Having a stroller or two is an absolute necessity for any parent who has a baby. Choosing the right stroller can make your day-to-day work in parenting easier and less tiring. The right stroller is the one best suited to your lifestyle. There is light umbrella type strollers’ best suited for a short trip to and from the local grocery shop. Then there are heavy strollers suitable for long distance walks or jogs on quite rough terrain. You should decide on the stroller you need before committing your hard earned cash and Uppababy Vista Stroller is an obvious choice for many parents and you can see why.



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